Four years ago, Alliance Environmental Group Inc was able to help a community feel healthier. With the technology that Alliance Environmental used years ago, it is still successfully effective now. Bedbugs, Mites and Dry Wood Termites, have been a concern lately for homeowners and commercial property owners. There are several ways to get rid of bed bugs but the most effective and environmentally friendly way is to use heat. You do not have to worry about chemicals being present in the air or worry about yourself and your employees. The process of eliminating these types of bugs will create a healthier environment for your home and business. The company was aired in an episode from a local Bay area TV station. Take a look of how Alliance Environmental was able to keep a environment healthy using heat HERE

“Team Heat” at Alliance Environmental Group Inc is the division that offers the service of eliminating bed bugs using environmentally friendly alternatives. The treatment is odorless and clean and does not effect the environment. The heating process is less time consuming, safe, and increases the value of your home or workplace environment. To learn more about our company like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.