Hope everyone had a safe New Years Day.

The biggest news that is still in effect starting this year, is the $1 billion lead paint clean-up. We talked about this case in on of our previous blog post.The next process for this ruling is to see which area will the lead abatement occur. If homeowners are in the renovating process and have a home that was built before 1978, lead inspections can be done. According to leadpro.com a lead paint inspection is appropriate for a homeowner as in several situations. These are 3 examples that lead paint inspection is appropriate for a homeowner:

  • People considering renovation, remodeling or demolition work that would disrupt painted surfaces and may generate lead dust hazards unless proper precautions are followed
  • Home buyers or renters who want to know how much lead paint is present and its location
  • Rental property owners who might need or desire documentation about lead-based paint for insurance, financing, or other reasons
In this case, lead paint inspection is appropriate for a homeowner or property owner who is facing a state or local requirement to abate all lead- based paint. These steps are not only for home owners because lead is found in apartments, schools and buildings. Cracked broken shingles lead to water damage which cause paint to become a lead hazard. Lead Inspections and lead testing is going to be a very important step for California during this process. Lead-based paint removal should be handled by a professional. Alliance Environmental is a certified lead-removal contractor and we can help you through this process.