Lead was banned in paint in the United States in 1978, but it remains a problem in homes built before the ban went into effect, as that lead paint has remained in place in many, many homes. Not only the commonly spoken of eaten paint chips, but lead dust which is released when doors and windows are opened can be a hazard. In older US cities, many concerted efforts are being made to have lead paint removed from these older homes and disclosed to buyers and renters who may have young children or plan to have children while living in the home.

But even today, the risks of lead paint are not being taken seriously everywhere. This week, Lowe’s home improvement stores were fined $500,000 because “[a]n EPA investigation found that Lowe’s could not provide documentation to prove that contractors it hired to work at 13 stores across nine states were certified by the agency, or had used its approved kits to test for lead paint at work sites…” Reuters

What are the dangers of lead?

Dangers of Lead

Lead can cause problems with: coordination, speech, IQ, ADHD and high exposure can cause death.

The risks of exposure to lead are real and they are present, even though lead has been banned from paint and from gasoline. Be vigilant!