No level of lead has been identified as safe. Lead is found in outdoors, in products and in old paint. Lead is a public threat but becoming educated in preventing lead poisoning is important. A recent article done by The Seattle Times has brought attention to many because lead poisoning has become a major issue in several shooting ranges across the country. An investigation was done and found that many shooting ranges were not clean or safe for workers and for customers. They found that owners had repeatedly violated work place safety laws and other owners were not aware of the dangers of lead poisoning.

Owners are responsible for protecting employees from lead polluted workplaces by following proper rules and regulations. However, fewer commercial shooting ranges are being inspected. Below is a graph that illustrates lead related violations and fines between 2004 and 2013. Visit The Seattle Times to scroll over the states to learn more details about each state.


The investigation of this major problem in several shooting ranges found that several had been exposed and had been tested positive and lead was found in the blood. When several state inspectors visited a particular range in Washington, the State issued 44 violations. It is important to educate yourself and others and know the risks when working in an area where lead can exist. It is an interesting article and you may read the entire article here. Remember there is no safe levels of lead and lead poisoning has the potential for long term effects and those who own and operate and fail to protect their employees can face fines and lawsuits. Lead poisoning can be preventable if we educate ourselves and others.

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