Lead Prevention Week has taken action, and it is a global event to educate everyone on the dangers of lead. Lead poisoning can be prevented but it is affecting over 600,000 children. The number one way to prevent children from being exposed to lead is to screen their blood. Parents and doctors find out children have been exposed to lead when they find lead in their blood. There might be children who could have high levels of lead in their system but they might have never been screened for lead. Imploring upon parents and the medical community of being aware of this issue can help many children who have been exposed to lead.

There are several ways that communities can gain vital information on the dangers of lead poisoning. For example, Los Angeles County is continuing a school outreach campaign to approximately 1,000 elementary schools in high risk areas and also planning a media release. In Orange County, the Orange County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program will be sending letters to health care providers who are participating in the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program and also will be providing lead poisoning preventing tips via Facebook and Twitter. In California, many of the homes were built before 1978, and there is a chance that the homes built before that year have lead. Many of those homes in California have not been renovated and that is why there is so much information that needs to be addressed to parents who live in this area. Lead paint chips can be easily torn off the walls, doors, windows and children can put them in their mouth and swallow them. This week is a way to share and gain information to everyone about the dangers of lead poisoning. At Alliance Environmental Group, Inc we want every home and building to be clean and safe. Alliance Environmental is a certified lead-removal contractor. Our professionals follow strict procedures to minimize, control and contain the lead dust created by the removal process. Learn more information about lead by joining our Facebook Community Page and joining our conversation via Twitter.