When the seasons begin to change many individuals get sick and others call it the flu season. However, many do not think about mold allergies during the fall.We previously had talked about mold during the Fall. Now that it is fall and there are updates through out the country, experts are saying that this Fall can be worse, since climate change is happening. Allergy season may increase more this season. We know that mold can grow when moisture is present. When the fall leaves and there is rain during the fall or winter, mold begins to form in the leaves. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, warned that many people confuse their allergies with the cold or the flu, which could lead to misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. The simplest way to know whether you have the cold or flu or if you have allergies is if you have a fever. If you have a fever, you are more likely to have a cold or a flu because when you get allergies you do not get a fever.

Outdoor mold spores can trigger individuals who are sensitive to mold which will as a result trigger allergies. Just like one person can have allergies because of the mold spores in the air, one person can have high allergy symptoms if they have mold in their home or where they work. If there is high humidity where you live or water damage, mold can start to grow. During the cold weather, ventilation inside homes decreases and a higher possibility for mold to grow inside your home. The only solution, one can have when there are mold spores outside is to stay inside. However, there are solutions to remove mold inside a home or inside any commercial building. Mold remediation is a solution to remove mold inside any environment. The environmental division at Alliance Environmental Group,Inc is a licensed mold removal and remediation contractor. If you need assistance removing mold, Contact Us and we can be of assistance.