California Power Washing Service

Want a simple way to instantly improve the appearance of your structure or building, plus help restore and maintain it?

Our power washing systems help revitalize the look of any business or commercial property.  We can do small buildings to complete manufacturing plants, including loading docks and warehouse floors.  Our power washing services create a safer environment for your business.

We provide several power washing services and systems for exteriors, parking garages and lots, concrete surfaces, and more.

Our pressure wash includes the use of environmentally, green, friendly, safe cleaners to dissolve heavy buildup. We use high psi gas or propane pressure washers which blasts buildup on almost any type of surface.

We can make walls and stucco ready for painting, staining or sealing.

With our vast knowledge of cleaners almost any dirt, stains, mildew, spider webs, grime, mold, algae, spray paint, marks on concrete and most grease can be reduced by our professional crews.

We take care of your needs and then some with our special power washing:

  • Low pressure, low volume surface cleaning
  • High pressure, high volume concrete cleaning and pressure washing services
  • The new “Dry Ice” blasting system, with less run off and no sand.

We offer flexibility and a variety of solutions.  If you let us clean it, then you can safe on potential costly repairs, renovations or replacements.

To introduce you to our business to business services, we’d like to offer you a 10% discount on the first job we do for you.
Call us today at 1-866-833-7417.  You’ll be in professional hands… so will your customers…