I recently watched a film where one person was not happy because they had found termites around their front porch. Do you know what can be inside hiding and eating away in your walls? Termite damage can be very costly if they have been present in your home for a long time. Since termites are active all year and primarily feed on wood early detection is key. Detecting whether you have termites early, can help minimize the costs of repairs needed to fix any damaged that was caused. It can be very tricky to find termites.One tip that can help you know if you have termites is observing the wood in your home.

When looking for wall damage look for unexplained cracks. The cracks will be in the internal walls. You can tell when there are cracks in the internal walls because termites consume the cellulose found in the timber.Since walls are thinner, the infestation can spread quickly and compromise the strength of the walls. That is when you can begin slowly to see the damage on walls. If the walls in your home are laminated plywood or particle board then the damage on the walls are rapidly affected. Partnering with a professional can help your home be termite free. Termite damage in walls can be prevented. Having a pest control professional can do a termite inspection and can pretreat your home as well. Remember it is different to kill termites than to get rid of an entire infestation. Even if you do not see a infestation going on, it does not mean that one is not happening below the surface. At Alliance Environmental Group,Inc we offer a environmentally friendly method. One of the best methods to eliminate dry wood termites is to use heat. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals and improves the quality of your home as well. If you do find any termites contact us and we may be able to assist you.