What more can we say? Alliance uses high temperatures to kill bed bugs at every stage of development–even the eggs!–in one treatment with no chemicals, no need to move out, no harmful residue in the air or on your belongings. Heat reaches every crack, every crevice, inside the walls, inside the furniture, behind the pictures, EVERYWHERE! You don’t want to leave an egg behind to start the cycle all over again and with ThermaPureHeat, you won’t have to worry!

Bed bugs may be vampiric, but they can make you into one of the walking dead! Anxiety about bed bugs is worse than bites!

If you find bed bugs in your home, DON’T PANIC! And don’t keep it to yourself–it will only get worse! Call Alliance and our highly trained, professional team will take care of your bed bug infestation right away and put your mind and body at ease once again!

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